4 apps to add to your gardening arsenal this summer

From learning how to bake almost without flour to finding a new way to style a bunch of tulips, spending more time at home has given many of us the opportunity to take on small challenges that we would otherwise have put off. In each episode of Life These Days, lifestyle experts share something helpful that they learned during their isolated lives so that you can try your hand at it too.

“I killed more plants than I’d like to admit while trying to play my gardening muscles,” says technology expert and TV host Winston Sih – and we have the feeling that he is not alone. After a spring spent at home, it seems more Canadians than ever are realizing the power home gardens can have to brighten our outdoor spaces and raise our spirits to make a hobby gardener fail. Determined to get everything right this year, Sih used his extra time at home researching popular gardening apps and putting together a digital toolkit that is suitable for both beginners and seasoned green fingers. Check out the video above to see Sih’s full guide to the gardening apps he’s using this summer, then scroll down for all the details on them.

Sun Seeker – $ 13.99 from the iOS app store and Google play

Successful alignment of your plants begins with optimal exposure to the sun. Because different plants thrive in different lighting conditions, Sun Seeker uses your camera and augmented reality to show you the sun’s path, the exposure of your specific outdoor area, and the expected variations over the year. Sun Seeker allows you to save your various rooms, track other locations, and access an extensive catalog of information to guide your plant selection.

Garden Answers – FREE from iOS app store and Google play

You have to know to grow it! Garden Answers uses your smartphone’s camera to help you learn more about plants from anywhere. Once you’ve taken a picture of a plant, the app searches a database of over 20,000 varieties to help you identify the species and everything else you need to know before you buy.

Garden Plan Pro – $ 10.99 from the iOS app store

When planning your garden, the design of the ideal floor plan is crucial to make your space look beautiful. Garden Plan Pro has built-in drawing tools with an extensive list of plants and varieties to help you curate based on your personal choices and climatic requirements. Helpful details on soil, watering and accompanying planting also ensure that you put the right plants together.

Smart Plant – FREE from App Store and Google Play

Finally, simplify the care of your plants. The Smart Plant App offers users a customized digital maintenance calendar that is specially tailored to your garden and offers professional advice on watering and more. Select your plants, find out about their requirements and, if necessary, let the app’s practical notifications guide you.

(CBC life)

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