Eight gardening books to inspire you to get growing

Charlotte moss flowers

For the famous interior designer Charlotte Moss, no room is complete without flowers. In her eleventh book, she tried to capture the thoughtful arrangements that highlight her personal spaces and those of her customers. The book is packed with helpful tips and is ideal reading for gardeners who want to show their precious flowers indoors.

Charlotte Moss Flowers by Charlotte Moss, $ 67.50 in bookstores and online (rizzoliusa.com).

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The naturally beautiful garden

In this book, author Kathryn Bradley-Hole explores what it means to have a garden that works with nature, not against it. The lush images of around 30 gardens from around the world show that environmentally conscious methods do not lose beauty or creativity.

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The Naturally Beautiful Garden by Kathryn Bradley-Hole, $ 75 in bookstores and online April 13 (rizzoliusa.com).

First garden

Style icon CZ Guest wrote this charming book in 1976, and the following edition (which is easier to find) has not left out any of her personal garden adventures and practical tips and tricks for beginners. Truman Capote’s lively introduction and Sir Cecil Beaton’s splendid illustrations are both preserved.

First Garden by CZ Guest, $ 50 through TorontoVintages on etsy.com.

Lichen sweet grass

This book was an instant bestseller, and for good reason. The author and botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer connects her readers with land and nature in a wonderful way. Plants and animals are our oldest teachers for them. Drawing from her life as an indigenous scientist, Kimmerer reveals the gifts and teachings that living things, be it a strawberry or a salamander, can offer.

Lichen Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer, $ 52.50 in bookstores and online (milkweed.org).


Not everyone has access to a plot of land or even a balcony to design their own garden. For those whose horticultural space is limited, this book serves as a guide to growing indoors. With this, the prospect of successful plant training feels attainable.

Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to Roomplants by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, $ 55 in bookstores and online (smithstreetbooks.com).

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Mellon the hare

Bunny Mellon loved to fly under the radar while she was alive, but has become a style icon since her death in 2014. Numerous illustrated books focus on her exquisite homes and gardens, but it is this brilliant biography that goes deep into her life and narrates some of her greatest gardening projects, including remodeling the White House rose garden.

Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend by Meryl Gordon, $ 36.50 in bookstores and online (grandcentralpublishing.com).

Gardens of style

For many great stylists in fashion and interior design, gardens are the place where inspiration is constantly drawn – just think of Christian Dior’s floral print dresses from the 1950s. In this book, influential figures, including former Hermès designer Nicole de Vésian and decorator Bunny Williams, open the gates of their private hideaways.

Gardens of Style: Private Hideaways of the Design World by Janelle McCulloch, $ 75 in bookstores and online (rizzoliusa.com).


This classic has nothing to do with breeding, but rather presents the splendor of flowers from the perspective of fashion and still life photographer Irving Penn. Tulips and orchids are caught at their peak while roses and poppies are shot when decay. Penn transforms every blossom from the wonder of nature into a work of art.

Flowers by Irving Penn, $ 335 through BooksforQuacks on etsy.com.

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