Gardening jobs that burn the most calories – from mowing the lawn to raking weeds

While the mental and physical benefits of gardening are no secret, new data has shown that simple gardening tasks can help you burn as many calories as an exercise. The study found that everything from mowing your lawn to watering your plants can banish up to 435 calories – but what gardening tasks should you be doing to improve your exercise?

With an average fitness workout burning an average of 108-252 calories an hour, it seems gardening is the new way to lose weight while being in the comfort of your home.

Kate Fromings of WhatShed told, “As a lot of people develop a love of gardening beyond the lockdown and the gym is not for everyone, it is exciting to learn that people are still getting their daily exercise can do without leaving their property.

“The idea of ​​people burning so many calories without even realizing it can encourage people to stick with their gardening habits all winter and even encourage others to renovate their back gardens and rejuvenate which is music to our ears !

Their study of 20 gardeners wearing smartwatches found that an hour-long session in the garden could help women burn up to 300 calories and more than 400 calories for men.

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The “ultimate” garden workout:

Replace those dreaded workouts with the joy of gardening with this fitness expert-approved gardening routine.

This fitness-oriented gardening routine uses a mix of weight and resistance exercises that will keep your yard looking pristine.

Not only is this routine designed to burn extra calories, but it’s also beneficial for your muscles and overall health, says WhatShed.

The average man could burn up to 340 calories, while the average woman could burn up to 240 calories with this gardening routine:

  • Rake leaves for 15 minutes
  • Mow the lawn for 20 minutes
  • Weed for 10 minutes
  • Water plants for 15 minutes

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