Genshin Impact Gardening System Guide

As Genshin impact Players who gradually level their characters will find that the material requirements increase significantly for each character level up. While most of the materials needed for character advancement can be easily farmed, the various “local specialties” are one of the most arduous types of materials to procure.

Genshin Impact players will find that some local specialties like Windwheel Aster are plentiful, but others like Silk Flowers are in short supply in Mondstadt and Liyue. This difficulty in obtaining certain flowers is made worse by the fact that after purchasing all of the local specialties available, players will have to wait three days for that particular flower to reappear.

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The developer miHoYo tried to alleviate this anger by introducing the garden system in housing. This newly added system allows players to choose the local specialties they want to grow and grow in their teapot kingdom. It is worth noting that before players can access the garden system, they must first unlock the teapot kingdom. Once they unlock the realm, they can go to the realm and speak to Tubby to start growing crops.


Players can purchase the items needed to start farming through the Realm Depot Store, accessed through Tubby. 2 new categories have been added to the store with the 2.0 update, including “Riches of the Realm” and “Creatures of the Realm”.

In the “Riches of the Empire” category, players can buy any garden plot that is required to plant seeds. There are 3 plot types in total, and each plot type is used to grow certain types of seeds. Since each of the lots costs a total of 300 realm currencies, players should make a note of which seeds they want to grow first so they don’t accidentally buy the wrong type of lot.


In the Creatures of the Realm category, players can purchase the seeds needed to grow their local specialties. Each of the seeds costs 5 realm currency and a maximum of 5 seeds can be purchased for each specific plant species. As a result of the loading limit, players will unfortunately not be able to plant multiple plots of a single seed variety. Players should also note that like other items in the Realm Depot store, the seeds for sale will be replenished once a week.

Realm placement

To plant the seeds, players must open their placement menu and select the Landform category. In this category, players will find a new sub-category that has been added specifically for fields.

Seed placement

After all the parcels have been placed, exit the placement menu and go to the fields. Players now have the option to interact with the fields and choose which seeds to start with.

Growth timer

After players plant their seeds, it takes 2 days and 22 hours for the plants to fully mature and ready for harvest. Although this system requires a lot of patience, it is especially useful for obtaining rare materials such as naku weeds and silk flowers.

Genshin impact is available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, a switch version is in development.

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