How to make your Christmas tree last longer – gardening expert shares seven top tips

Christmas is just around the corner, and with an estimated 44 percent of Britons willing to put the tree up in November, there is little time left to educate yourself about the longest-lasting fir tree for your property. Whether you are decorating your home as early as November or late on Christmas Eve, timing your tree right is key to keeping it fresh during the festivities. spoke to gardening expert Samantha Jones to find out how to keep your tree longer this winter.

When should you buy a real Christmas tree?

The fresh fir scent of a real tree can’t be beat, but this iconic scent won’t last too long if you buy your tree too early.

Speaking to, MyJobQuote’s gardening expert, Samantha Jones said, “If you buy your Christmas tree too early it can dry out, but in general you should have your Christmas tree a week through December.

“A Nordmann fir can be bought four weeks before Christmas, but a European spruce should be bought in mid-December.”

When transporting your Christmas tree home, it is important to protect it from damage by wrapping a blanket around it if it is on a roof – this will prevent the cold winter weather from drying out the tree.

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Should you prune the trunk of a real Christmas tree?

To keep your tree fresh longer, start by potting it at home.

According to Samantha, pruning the log allows the wood to absorb more water, which keeps the tree healthy and well-nourished.

She added, “Use a saw to cut a half-inch off and cut straight so the tree doesn’t get crooked.

“To keep your tree stable and fresh, it is important to have a reliable Christmas tree stand with an integrated water reservoir.”

How often should you water a real Christmas tree?

Maintaining the fragrant scent of your tree is easy to achieve with consistent watering.

Samantha explained, “The freshest smells lingering all over your home can be why you choose a real tree over a fake one.

“To get that warming scent, check the water level every day.

“A well-watered tree lets it ‘breathe’ and spread the nice smells throughout the house.

She added that, despite popular belief, drilling holes in your tree does nothing to add to the root mass.

Can you keep a Christmas tree outside?

Real trees are more familiar with outdoor conditions than the heat in our homes, so keeping them outdoors will undoubtedly extend their lifespan.

Samantha recommends keeping the tree outside in the garden until early December.

She added, “If you have the space, your tree will add some festive spirit to the exterior of your home and ensure you have the healthiest, freshest tree for the big Christmas Day celebration.”

Watch out for fallen pine needles

Samantha’s last tip for a fresher Christmas tree is to keep an eye out for fallen needles.

Not only do they make your home look cluttered and a dangerous pet snack, but they can also be a sign of an unhealthy tree.

Samantha explained, “It is a bad sign when needles fall from your tree or when the branches are brittle.

“This could be because there is not enough water. In this case you should check your water tank and add a few ice cubes to keep the water cool. “

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