Join the effort: Help CBC document the cost of food and share tips for a tough winter

Peanut butter, cooking oil, chicken – what hasn’t increased in price over the past year?

Vibrant Calgary Communities found the average family is spending $ 220 more per month on groceries this year compared to last year. This can be difficult on a tight budget.

For this reason, CBC Calgary has a special focus on food stress and insecurity.

But we don’t want to just make a bunch of stories and go away this season. We really want this to make a difference. And for that we need your help.

If expensive food is important to you, will you be part of our SMS community? Share your tips and tell us what stories do you think we should tackle next?

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If you do not have a mobile phone, please feel free to email your ideas to the journalist Elise Stolte at [email protected] Let me know what food story you would love to see on CBC Calgary.

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