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Machining Service

Machining ServiceMachining services have come a very long way over the years. Numerically controlled machining service was first devised in the middle of the last century. This rudimentary sort of machining service relied on punched tape to drive the machine. This kind of primitive programming was a grand evolution from old-style cam-driven machining service. Cams not unlike those used inside elaborate cuckoo clocks enabled a person with a small machine to manufacture many copies of the same item. At the time, this sort of machining service was considered entirely modern. Today, machining service is done primarily with computers by way of CAD and CAM systems.

Computer-aided design, or CAD, and computer-aided manufacturing, or CAM, has changed everything about the way things are designed and manufactured. While there will always be a special niche for handcrafted items, some things are not practically made by human hands. Items such as automotive, aircraft and aerospace parts must be precision made to exact measurements. It is in no way feasible for one human to turn out dozens, hundreds or even thousands of items. A competent machining service can provide you with as many precision copies of almost anything you need. To get an idea of the things we can make, please see our Job Gallery. Due to space limitations, we are able to show only a small percentage of our actual portfolio. Our machining service has successfully completed production runs for all sorts of business, individuals and corporate concerns. We work with governments, laboratories and companies of all sizes. We have manufactured precision parts for the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and aircraft manufacturers. We have fabricated things for scientists, inventors, surgeons and product designers. When virtually any person or company requires world-class machining service, Anco Precision, Ltd is the machine shop to call.

If you have a drawing, we can make a prototype as well as an endless number of exact copies from virtually any material. At our custom machine shop we have manufactured an astonishing assortment of things including but not limited to robot components, automotive engines, watercraft parts, electronic devices, medical equipment and optical devices. We work with materials including but not limited to aluminum, plastic, both stainless and non-stainless steel, polycarbonate, fiberglass, copper and nylon. Our capabilities include but are not limited to plastic injection molding, photo chemical milling, pressure die casting, CNC turret punching, CNC bending, CNC waterjet cutting, lathe turning and plasma or laser cutting. When it comes to precise duplication of virtually anything, Anco Precision is the custom machining service for the job. Machining Service