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Organic Garden Fertilizer Toronto

Organic Garden Fertilizer Toronto

A water-soluble fertilizer can completely dissolve in water, which means it is easier to get into the soil and be absorbed by crops. These fertilizers have a good amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, as well as elements like zinc, calcium, copper, and other vital trace elements in addition to amino acids.

Water-soluble options are generally better to use because they need less work to get into the soil. Long-term use of fertilizers means you will improve the soil’s general acid and base balance because the contents will seep through to the deepest layers that you can only reach when you dig too deep.

Our firm sells soluble organic soil amendments for cannabis, which contain all the essential nutrients and several other trace elements that support the plant’s growth. We have granular volcanic rock, which you can use in the same way as the powder, even if it takes slightly longer to dissolve into the soil. Powder volcanic fertilizers work faster because they dissolve faster with the slightest contact with water. Let us look at the differences between granular and powder organic soluble fertilizers to increase yield.

Powder Volcanic Rock For Organic Gardening


The powder is as fine as flour and can be spread out over the soil without further effort to take it deeper into the ground. Our organic garden fertilizer in Toronto is effective because you can dissolve it in water and pair it with other plant products to enhance fertilization. Dissolving the powder in water or other liquids means all the crops will have uniform application and get the same nutrient from every drop that hits the soil. Additionally, it is easier to nourish plants that need a faster boost of nutrients instead of waiting for the rock to break down over time.

Are there any cons to using powders? The only difference between the powder and granules is how you use them. The latter is easier to handle because you can pick it up if you drop too much at one particular point, whereas the powder one would be a waste if you do not control how you spread it onto the soil.


Standard granule plant and lawn fertilizers are more significant than soil particles and are designed to release nutrients much slower than the powder. However, it is possible to feed the soil with granule fertilizers only once in a season, whereas powder ones would seep through a lot faster, which means you would have to repeat the process to keep the topsoil healthy.

Granules are easier to manage and allow for a slow-release, which means you do not have to repeat the process every couple of months. What are the cons?

You must be careful to fertilize each portion of the land with the same amount of granules to ensure uniform nutrient content.

Is it time for you to change your fertilizer? All our water-soluble options will work great for your lawn or commercial project. Check out the store to make your order of the best organic plant food.

Organic Garden Fertilizer Toronto



Organic Garden Fertilizer Toronto

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