Pandemic planting: What you can do now to prepare for gardening season – Peterborough

Jill Bishop, seed and food producer and founder of Urban Tomato, said the gardening industry has grown in popularity during the pandemic and expects 2021 to be another busy year.

“Last year and this year, more people took an interest in gardening than ever before,” she said. “I think a lot of people were worried about access to food last year, so I think this really increased, but then people began to see the mental health benefits of being outside and hands in the ground put.”

And while it’s still a little early, she said now is a good time to plan out your plants so you’ll be ready when the warmer weather arrives.

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“It’s the perfect time of year to go over the seeds you may already have, think about what you grew last year and what you would like to have grown,” she said.

She said it is also a good opportunity to buy or pre-order seeds and plants as a number of seed sellers have already seen an increase in orders.

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Greenhouses and plant centers fill up early in anticipation of another busy gardening year

Victoria Whitney, General Manager of Griffin’s Greenhouses in Peterborough, has also noticed this growing trend in horticulture. She attributes the mental health benefits to a successful off-season and says that houseplants in particular have seen a marked surge in popularity.

“Flowers really make you happy. Lots of people have greened their place, ”said Whitney.

“Flowers are usually a small item to buy that can really lighten the mood.”

And the mood in the greenhouse is high, the doors recently opened for the season. She said it was a gesture that means even more this year.

“It’s a promise,” she said, “a promise of all the good things that are to come.

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“Just knowing it’s springtime, the bulbs are springing up in the garden, the weather is getting warmer, that we can go outside to do things, is really so exciting for me and the people who come in. They are enthusiastic about this view. “

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Until then, as Bishop said, now is a good time to find out what types of flowers you want in your garden so that you can easily move around the greenhouse once things are in bloom. She found that grays and yellows are the hottest floral colors for this season.

If you’re still not sure where to start, Bishop says a number of online gardening workshops will be offered by The Nourish Project and the popular seed swapping event, Seedy Sunday, will also be virtual.

“There is still an opportunity to speak to local producers online, exchange seeds and connect with the gardening community,” she said.

Bishop said sourcing local seeds could also mean a higher chance of success for your garden.

“It has the advantage that they adapt to the location where they are grown,” she said. “For example, if I grow them in my garden in Peterborough, they will thrive in yours.”

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She said she was looking forward to another successful season with more and more people loving and appreciating gardening.

“It’s great to have this business, the growing interest in people shopping locally, supporting these farmers, and really seeing the joy of growing their own food, but seeing how much work it really takes,” she said .

“It’s a balance between growing your own crops and understanding your nutritional system better.”

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