Popular KSU Online Gardening Program Kicks Off Wednesday

A very popular online garden series does not plan to slow down even as the outside temperatures get colder.

In fact, the organizers of the K-State Garden Hour say the 2022 lineup will be in full swing starting the first Wednesday in January – vegetables for bountiful harvests.

“We’re excited to launch a new round of webinars in 2022 based on the topics our attendees have asked the most,” said Matthew McKernan, a K-State Research and Extension horticultural agent in Sedgwick County. “There is no better time than the cold winter months to plan your garden for the next year. Whether you want to grow more products from next year’s garden or redesign your landscape next year, our K-State Garden Hour webinars kick off the new year so your garden can get off to a real start in 2022. “

A one-time registration gives viewers free access to all 2022 sessions, including:

  • January 5th – vegetables for rich harvests.
  • February 2nd – indoor seed start.
  • March 2 – Landscaping 101.
  • April 6 – Pollinator plans for continuous food sources.
  • May 4th – New and improved annual flower varieties.
  • June 1st – Organic Pest Control for Vegetable Gardens.
  • July 6 – Growing culinary mushrooms at home.
  • August 3 – Wildlife Landscaping.
  • September 7th – Recommended trees for Kansas.
  • Oct. 5th – Improvement of soil health in landscape and garden.
  • November 2nd – Prevention and control of game damage in lawns and gardens.
  • December 7th – Barrier-free gardening for everyone.

Each program takes place online from 12pm to 1pm (CST), including a 45-minute presentation and 10-15 minutes for viewer questions. A description of each program is available online.

McKernan said those who signed up for past webinars will have to sign up again for the 2022 series. As in previous years, the recordings of all webinars are available online.

The K-State Garden Hour began in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way for K-State Research and Extension horticultural experts to share research-based information with gardeners of all skills and experience.

It has blossomed into a program that McKernan said was seen by viewers in 39 states, five countries, and four continents in 2021. Between February and December, the program drew 16,326 viewers, including a single session high of 1,034 live viewers for a workshop on container horticulture.

McKernan said those who responded to a survey on the series indicated several positive results, including:

  • 8 out of 10 participants said they had improved their physical and / or emotional health.
  • 74% of the participants stated that gardening reduced their personal stress and improved their quality of life.
  • 7 out of 10 respondents said they spent more time gardening as a result of the webinars.
  • 87% of participants said they were reducing the use of pesticides in pollination areas in order to increase the habitat for pollinators.

“It’s been amazing to see the impact and positive feedback from our audience on the K-State Garden Hour series,” said McKernan. “Our entire team enjoyed hosting the series of webinars, and we’re thrilled to see people’s confidence in gardening grows as well as our attendees’ success in what they grow.

“We hope that the excitement will continue into 2022 and that people will continue to take full advantage of this series.”

For more information about the K-State Garden Hour, in addition to online information, interested parties can also contact your local K-State Research and Extension Office.

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