Selfridges Launches Garden Center, Selling Tools, Plants, Gnomes

LONDON – Selfridges revealed a not-so-secret garden in the shop on Oxford Street, at a time when the British are flocking home and cultivating their green spaces, no matter how big or small.

The garden center sells tools, seeds, indoor and outdoor plants, pots, compost from Selfridge’s own brand and gnomes in the store’s signature yellow.

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The store said the center was a “playful response” to the pandemic-induced boom in outdoor appreciation. It’s also part of the Good Nature, Selfridges creative theme for 2021.

The store cited numbers from the Horticultural Trades Association, which showed that more than 3 million people started gardening in 2020, as more time has been spent at home since the first lockdown last year.

In addition to plants, seeds and garden utensils, the garden center also sells a selection of fashion, lifestyle and beauty products, an exclusive Prada collection and bespoke Selfridges own-brand items. The latter has names like “Herb Your Enthusiasm” and “Horti-Couture” to appeal to gardening and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The center was started by horticultural consultant Angela Maynard, who advised Selfridges in developing the concept, and botanist Carly Rogers, who created a new piece of work highlighting “the beauty of the overgrown garden”.

There is a flower shed that serves as a venue for events and advice, with a resident gardener and a virtual “dial-a-gardener” service.

Selfridges has also planned a program of workshops, experiences and events that should start on Friday. They aim to explore “the joy and positivity that gardening brings” and promote practical skills and sustainable methods.

Selfridges London has the largest offering, while the units in Birmingham and Manchester will have a green house concept. Via, customers can buy the range and find information and advice on gardening.

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The retailer has also “greened” Oxford Street with a growbag installation in front of the store’s covered entrance.

The store named its yellow garden gnome Gary and he can be seen on a collection of hats, tote bags and t-shirts. Gary, dressed for the new season Versace, Bottega Veneta and Jacquemus, can also be seen in a campaign by the Berlin creative studio Sucuk + Bratwurst.

A very limited edition of Gary gnomes is available for purchase, Selfridges said.

“A garden center is atmospheric but familiar and has literally and creatively been a source of inspiration for our teams,” said Hannah Emslie, Creative Director of Selfridges.

“We know that our customers are more interested in gardening and landscaping than ever – so we’re playing with the idea by bringing the essentials of a typical garden center into our shops while we explore the joy of nature again this year. “

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