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Shot Blast Cabinet

Badboy Blasters has the shot blast cabinet you’ve been looking for at an affordable price you’re going to love. Stop by their website at to have a look at their entire inventory of sandblasting cabinets- all made of high quality materials in the USA.

Quality abrasive sandblasting cabinets are an industrial product line built with pride by Badboy. Whether you’re searching for a shot blast cabinet or an abrasive blasting cabinet, they have the perfect product in their inventory to suit your needs. Their pros are also able to custom build a blast cabinet or a side blasting machine for your unique needs.

As a family-owned company, Badboy Blasters was built on the back of their determination, their commitment to thorough research, attention to detail and an unfaltering dedication to serving the interest of their clients, making Badboy a company that is trusted by name when it comes to exceptional and affordable sand and soda blasting machine cabinets. Having been featured in Graveyard Carz, Velocity’s reality TV series on car care and restoration, Badboy Blasters has grown to be the top choice in the market.

Looking for a great shot blast cabinet? Take a look at a few of the most popular products built and sold by Badboy:

– The DA cabinet is made to operate dual-action sanders in an enclosed, controlled environment. It comes completely set-up with recoil hoses in each of the work stations, along with regulator water trap combos that allow adjustment to the pressure on the item you are working on. The DA shot blast cabinet features a 48” x 74” work area, is an all-welded cabinet, front loads, features natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves, has an external fluorescent lighting system and is available in any color.

– Check out the Welded Premier Series of cabinets a variety of sizes, including the Abrasive Shot Blast Cabinet BB-1150XLD-BVR-PR. Made entirely in the USA, you can finance this machine for the unbeatable price of just $88 per month. This cabinet provides a lot of features, just a few of them include its 58” x 29” work area, hand valve that controls both suction and direct pressure, a fixed mounting gun, twin hand-held blasting funs, urethane coated for long-lasting color, 14 gauge steel legs and much more.

Badboy Blasters’ Warrior Series features all-welded sandblasting cabinets designed to fit the unique needs of your shop. The Warrior Series BB4000 is the solution your shop may be looking for to meet your blasting needs. As a pressure feed blasting system, the BB4000 offers a generous 48” x 48” work area with twin foot-controlled blasting guns that are easy on the hands, with no trigger to squeeze. This item features a super quiet, low maintenance vacuum system and ships completely assembled and crated for ultimate protection.

Get the perfect shot blast cabinet from Badboy Blasters. For more information, or to speak with one of their pros, feel free to call 330-454-2699 or visit

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Shot Blast Cabinet

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