The most satisfying gardening jobs – from planting seeds to scarifying the lawn

Garden lovers love to retreat and admire all the hard work they have done in their yard – from the lawn to the fences to the patio

Garden-loving Britons like to step back and admire all the hard work they have done in their gardens

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Mowing the lawn, watering plants, and sowing seeds are the most satisfying gardening chores according to research.

The top 45 gardening tasks also included cutting roses and growing and picking home-grown produce.

Working with power tools, using a laser level, and laying grass lawn were also on the list.

The survey of more than 1,500 gardeners found that they love to rake up fallen leaves and “scarify” the lawn, which means removing old grass and debris.

Almost three-quarters (73 percent) admitted finding certain gardening tasks oddly fulfilling – and said the most satisfying thing is to withdraw to see what you’ve done.

But more than seven in ten said that some gardening chores – like mowing the lawn or pulling weeds – are equally satisfying and frustrating because they know they have to repeat them in a matter of days.

Picking home grown produce has been considered one of the most satisfying jobs by gardening enthusiasts


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Kate Turner of Miracle Gro, who commissioned the study, said, “The British love for oddly satisfying gardening shows how good it can be for our sanity.

“Even in autumn and winter there are lots of small jobs that you can do to keep your garden in top shape.

“From cutting roses to mowing the lawn, it is always nice to take a step back to see his handiwork, regardless of whether it has to be done again in the next few days.”

Adults feel happier and more productive when they are surrounded by indoor plants

The survey also found that respondents spend 11 minutes a day thinking about gardening and take up to four days off a year just to work in their garden.

The colder months are a good time to start a gardening project, according to 68 percent. Half of adults expect to learn a new gardening skill this winter.

65 percent want their garden to look just as beautiful in autumn and winter as it does in summer, but 23 percent do not know how to maintain the same standard as the seasons change.

But 57 percent read gardening books and magazines and typically spend more than two hours a week watching gardening programs to learn more about the hobby.

And 63 percent of them find garden programs particularly relaxing.

When it comes to stress relief, nearly seven in ten adults surveyed through OnePoll would recommend gardening as a great way to unwind.

Enthusiastic gardeners also like to see the birds enjoying their gardens


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In addition, 46 percent said their mental health would suffer if they didn’t garden.

Actress, TV personality and avid gardener Catherine Tyldesley has partnered with Miracle Gro to inspire people to go to their garden this fall this summer.

Catherine said, “Gardening is a great way to break away from everyday life as it offers a new focus.

“I’m not surprised that people don’t know how to spice up their gardens in the cold, as gardening is widely considered a“ summer job ”.

“It can be really rewarding to tidy up the outside area, especially in the fall and winter when the leaves are falling from the trees.”


  1. Plant seeds / bulbs / plants
  2. Water all of your plants
  3. Mow the lawn
  4. Weeding
  5. Pruning in the garden
  6. See birds in your bird feeders / bird baths
  7. Dead flowers
  8. Finally pull out the last weeds
  9. Growing and harvesting home-grown products
  10. Repot plants
  11. Sow seeds
  12. Feed your plants
  13. Dead roses
  14. Break up fallen leaves
  15. Put fresh seeds in a bird feeder
  16. Jet washing the terrace
  17. Paint a fence
  18. Cut the hedge perfectly
  19. Sweeping your patio / patio
  20. Fill up the bird bath with fresh water
  21. Put up new garden furniture
  22. Painting the last coat of paint
  23. Set new limits
  24. Trim your herb garden
  25. Oil a loud hinge
  26. Successful removal of a screw that has lost its thread
  27. Search a huge pile of screws / nails and find the right one
  28. Drive nails into the wood
  29. Organize tools
  30. Use of power tools
  31. Lay out grass seeds
  32. With a drill
  33. Painting with a roller
  34. Scarify the lawn
  35. Laying the lawn
  36. grinding wood
  37. Set up a shelf perfectly
  38. Laying the terrace perfectly
  39. Watch the sprinkler system at work
  40. Remove paint from a brush
  41. With a tape measure
  42. Use a laser level
  43. Fixing a wobbly deck board
  44. Watch the paint dry
  45. Chemical removal of paint from doors, gates, etc.

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