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THere’s a ruthlessness to some roof gardening that isn’t doing me any good. I try to bend over with it, but it doesn’t always work. Too often it is gardening without growing. Sow in pots that require a club.

Our autumn terrace was mostly about blues – big lobelia and even bigger salvia. Impulse is buying from my local garden center to replenish the fading spring / summer.

Our autumn terrace was mainly about the blues. About large lobelia and even larger salvia

The nurseries swarmed with people. The stocks were exhausted and the selection was limited. But we will always have Salvias now. We fell deeply in love with the colors, the flowers, the spines, some of which were almost six feet high. We will cut these back and try to maintain them over the winter.

We take cuttings à la Monty Don. In November we hear the siren call of the spring onions. And we have limited space.

We are buying and planning for two very different properties: a small London terrace and a larger property by the sea. I bought for London. Henri for Denmark, their homeland. We both process my choices ruthlessly. A small but varied group of short and tall tulips (including last year’s obsession: Acuminata). We’re making the three-flower lasagna.

There will be single daffodils in pure white and pheasant eye style – I love the scent. This year we bought our bulbs from Farmer Gracy, but we also like to buy from Peter Nyssen, Bloms Bulbs and Sarah Raven, among others.

The Danish spring show will be daffodils in greater numbers and on a wider range. There will be no tulips as 98% of the 200+ we planted last time were culled by deer. They especially liked the stems but left the daffodils alone.

We love to see families of deer trotting so let’s try to plant only the daffodil family. I’ll get back to you in the spring. Until then, keep your thumbs firmly crossed.

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